This week the Migration Advisory Committee Report ‘EEA Migration in the UK’ was released, making recommendations to the Government on changes to the immigration legal system post Brexit.

This meant a busy press day for us, securing comment and interviews on the likes of Talk Radio on behalf of immigration law firm, Migrate UK.

Jonathan Beech, MD of Migrate UK, called the report A Blast from The Past, providing options for some migrant workers not seen since April 2012 and questioning how the recommendations will work in practice. The policy to attract only the ‘brightest and the best’ has shifted somewhat with MAC recommending to open sponsorship to medium and high skilled workers (jobs at RQF Level 3 and above).

Of course, these recommendations are just that and are all dependent on Brexit negotiations and whether the UK will have authority to formalise its own immigration system, and there will certainly be a lot more debate to come over these recommendations.

For now, you can read more of Jonathan’s reaction to the MAC report here and


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