Listen here to our fantastic client, Scott Muncaster, MD of Adactus, a specialist in booking and reservation systems, being interviewed on the Penny Smith breakfast show on Talk Radio discussing the launch of an exciting new social distancing queuing app – SmartQ by Adactus – the first universal ‘Take-a-Ticket’ app for smarter, safer and fairer queuing.

FREE to consumers via the app stores, and free to retailers for the first four weeks, Scott shares with Penny what inspired him to develop SmartQ, how it reduces the disruption of long physical queues currently seen outside stores and how it works. Adapted for non-phone users as well, shoppers simply book a convenient time to join the queue while waiting safety at home or in their car until the retailer sends an alert to proceed to the store. Finally hear how Scott calls upon retailers and customers to get behind the technology to help maintain short queues outside stores even at peak times, to improve the overall shopping experience and help the high street during the pandemic and beyond.

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