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7 tips to choosing a PR agency

There are over 4500 PR and communications agencies in the UK according to latest records. Some are small, some are large, some command a high rate while some are not so pricey,…
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How to craft stand out media content

It’s noisy out there. There are now millions of pieces of content going out through various media channels from traditional media through to digital and social media. It’s easy for content to go un-noticed throughout the masses.   Yet, stand out content that’s ‘always on’…
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How to write a killer award entry

I’m writing this following a very happy email from one of our clients, littered with smiley faced emojis, after being told that they’ve been shortlisted for an award that’s considered a major accolade within their industry.   I’m delighted…
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Long term brand building versus short term marketing

Why should businesses invest in a long-term marketing strategy if they’re already seeing results from short-term campaigns? Many companies, notably smaller or younger ones, focus their marketing exclusively around driving short-term sales. However, the…
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Four ways PR can help drive sales

If you want to jump start your sales, then PR is a good starting point – here are four reasons why: Part of the buying journey   Increasingly, customers whether in the B2B or B2C industry, start their…
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How to piggyback a news story to strengthen your PR

With over 3.78 million social media users as of 2021, it’s no surprise that piggybacking, or ‘newsjacking’, remains one of the most effective PR strategies you can use. That is, of course, when done correctly.    Smart off-the-cuff responses to breaking news and trending…
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PR is media and much more

Our Director, Verity Blake, talks about the possibilities of PR in today’s digital age and how to connect with your customers in an authentic and genuine way that builds trust and confidence…
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What’s the point of PR?

I find that public relations isn’t a term that many businesses easily identify with. From speaking to many business owners over the years, many understand it’s an essential part of the marketing…
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