Re-igniting a brand to build national public awareness

Just before Christmas one of our clients asked us “How can we re-ignite our Safetybank brand and build more national public awareness in the construction and HR industries?” Safetybank is the first fully digitalised, cloud based health & safety...

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Flying and the climate crisis

How businesses can cut their carbon footprint when flying – we help share advice from Carbon Credentials With recent recommendations from the Committee on Climate Change to put a levy on frequent flyers and ban air miles programmes, and Extinction...

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Responding rapidly to breaking news pays off in PR

The early bird really does catch the worm when it comes to PR and media relations activity – as proven by our most recent success in securing our client in The Times online following the GDPR fine against British Airways. There was no...

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Vegans get a raw deal at work

This month we’ve seen the fruits of our labour really pay off with a great campaign developed by the HeadOn PR team, to raise awareness around the prejudice attitudes facing vegan workers in the UK. Following the news last year over the resignation of William Sitwell...

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Crafting the perfect press pitch

You have a great story or perhaps an idea for one so how do you get the media interested? Maybe it's suggesting a briefing or an angle for a compelling, visionary thought leadership piece? Whatever it may be, the way you craft and present your pitch can make all the...

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This Black Friday is Feel Good Friday

We're loving what  Pukka Herbs is doing this #Black Friday as it continues its fight against climate change. We've been working with the inspirational global, organic tea producer on an initiative to 'Give Back This Black Friday' by turning one of the busiest shopping...

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