How to use PR to attract and retain great employees 

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In the world of employment, the past few years have seen unprecedented changes. What’s become known as the Great Resignation is in full force, with the mass turnover of staff in almost every sector. And while the pandemic has been a major contributor to this trend, it wasn’t the beginning of it, and it hasn’t marked the end.

Covid saw a particular boost of employees leaving to pursue new careers or to go freelance, as shown by a 2021 report. In addition to this, 70% of employees (of all ages) considered moving jobs last year, while businesses continue to struggle to fulfil roles, amplified by Brexit and the end of free movement for EU workers.

So how can you ensure that your business stands out as the employer of choice among this much smaller talent pool? This is where a powerful Public Relations (PR) strategy can help.

Involve employees in PR 

No one wants to feel undervalued in their job, yet this is often a key reason why people move jobs. PR, however, can help build an employee’s sense of worth and purpose within an organisation. Use you PR strategy to involve as many of your key high performers as possible. Announce their hire in the media to show confidence in their appointment, use them as a spokesperson for thought leadership articles and blogs to demonstrate their much-valued expertise, and arrange interviews with the press to raise their profile as a shining star.

Involving your employees in the PR will leave them feeling proud and further ingrained in the business. It will promote to the world the credibility of your team and the company as a great place to work, putting your business as a natural first choice of employer.

Clearly communicate your purpose

The social impact of a company, as well as its overarching mission are more important to employees than ever before. Communicating the company’s purpose clearly internally, externally, via social media and through the press builds a strong public facing brand that employees feel proud of, knowing that their role plays a valued part in contributing to a bigger picture. Building this connection between brand and employee can create a bond that’s much harder for competitors to break.

Raise the profile of your CEO

The CEO is often a prominent face of the business. A figure that reflects the company’s culture, demonstrates its values, and personalises the brand. These senior leaders serve as a visible and steady presence which people buy into when purchasing from a company or working for a brand. A great PR team will secure interviews and commentary for your CEO to amplify their profile through various media channels from podcasts, webinars, major news platforms to national newspapers, TV and radio.

Win awards

Who doesn’t want to work with an award winning business? Whether an employee, customer or prospect, everyone feels more confident if the brand has been independently credited and endorsed by an industry accolade. A skilled PR agency will draft a killer award entry, a ‘win’ then your business could use effectively to attract great people as well as more business.  Read more here on our blog on how to write a winning award entry.

Ultimately, PR is all about people. It is about understanding what makes them tick and then building a strong connection with your brand. Whether that’s with staff, partners, customers or wider community stakeholders, PR uses the power of storytelling to forge great relations with the people that help make your business great – and grow.

To find out how HeadOn can help your business attract the best in talent through PR, contact us here or read more about the services we offer.

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