Meeting PR HeadOn

Welcome to our new podcast – Meeting PR HeadOn

If you find PR talk perplexing and puzzle over how to best use it to promote your business, then this podcast is for you. Our mission is to bust the many confusing myths surrounding the practice of PR.

With each bite-size episode, Verity Blake, owner and managing director of HeadOn Public Relations and colleague Lucy Allen, will puncture the nonsense and open your eyes to the magical transformation great PR can have on your business. They’ll be discussing all those PR issues that business owners, leaders and marketing executives want addressed – demystifying PR and explaining best practice to help your business gain the valuable exposure it needs to capture your customers’ attention and gain their trust and confidence, making your business their natural first choice.

On Meeting PR HeadOn, you’re in safe hands. Verity and Lucy are both PR professionals with a Masters in PR and the highest level degree from Bournemouth University’s Centre for Excellence in Media– with a combined 30 years of PR expertise to share.

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Busting The Myth – Is All PR Good PR?

In the first episode of our new podcast, ‘Meeting PR HeadOn’ Verity Blake, Managing Director of HeadOn Public Relations and Senior Account Executive, Lucy Allen will be discussing the popular saying that ‘all PR is good PR’ – or is this a myth? Drawing upon some of the most famous PR fails, Verity and Lucy share advice on why not all PR is good PR, with tips on how to redeem your brand image when things go wrong as well as ways to keep your PR campaigns on track so positive exposure turns into customer enquiries.

Public Relations – Brand awareness: The long & short of it

When planning your communications – are you only appealing to the people that want to buy now? If so, you’re likely missing out on a whole pool of new business. The reality is the vast majority of your potential customers aren’t in a position to buy right now. Maybe next week, maybe next month, maybe next year. So companies that only communicate in a way that will only appeal to the people who want to buy now tend to miss a trick.

Special guest Chris Moody, Founder of Mobius Strategy Limited, joins experienced producer and podcaster Dave Harries and Verity Blake, MD of HeadOn PR, to discuss why short term brand building only produces short term gains and how econometric research shows that brands succeed best with a mix of long-term brand building and short-term sales activation. Listen to this episode to find out how building long-term brand awareness contributes to sustainable business growth, and how to work in partnership with short-term techniques to strengthen your sales pipeline.

Public Relations – How to piggyback off news like a pro

Listen as Dave Harries, experience producer and podcaster, explores how to piggyback off news successfully with Managing Director of HeadOn PR agency, Verity Blake. In episode 3, we are joined by special guest John Rockley, Head of Communications and Marketing at Rooftop Housing, to look at how speedy and smart responses to breaking news and trending topics can elevate your brand’s position and generate a hub of engagement. 

Public Relations – Why content is king

In this episode, Verity Blake, Managing Director of HeadOn PR agency explores the basics of PR with experienced producer and podcaster, Dave Harries. We’re joined in the second episode of the series by Fiona Curnow, Marketing Director at award-winning law firm Gardner Leader, as we explore the stories behind business PR, why these stories matter in capturing your customers’ attention and moving them down the prospect pipeline, and why authenticity is key. 

Public Relations – What is it?

In this episode, Verity Blake, managing director of HeadOn PR agency explores the basics of PR with experienced producer and podcaster, Dave Harries. In this introductory episode, listeners will get a good understanding of what exactly PR is, how it can work well for start-ups and SMEs, with tips on getting the best from your PR. 

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