Why outsource your PR?

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Are you struggling to capture media attention? To capitalise on the power of the press, whether that’s print, online, TV or radio to endorse your brand as a trusted industry expert? Or be endorsed by highly authority news platforms backlinking to your website and boosting your SEO?  

If so, have you considered outsourcing your PR either to act as your PR department or media office, or as an extension of your in-house PR and marketing department to support as they juggle the many different challenges of building a brand and cutting through the crowed, multi-channel digital media landscape?

Public relations is a fast moving industry which works best when organisations are quick off the mark with highly creative ideas that are proactive as well as responsive, to the market’s needs.  

With many of the HeadOn PR team having worked within in-house PR departments for major brands and organisations, either as the sole head of PR or part of a team, many know why outsourcing your PR for support can pay dividends. The same goes for an organisation with no existing marketing or PR department.  

Here are Five Key reasons why: – 

1. Frees up your time to strategize and grow – outsourcing to a dedicated team of experienced PR professions, who are well connected in the media, instantly brings expertise into your business to get the PR and marketing underway, working as an extension of your team. This team lends several critical pairs of hands to execute the PR activity and ideas, freeing up the in-house PR pros to strategize rather than ‘do the doing’, or for the Managing Director to concentrate on building the business and reap the rewards of the PR activity.

2. Three heads are better than one – especially in a creative industry such as PR where you’re competing for customers’ attention within a noisy online marketplace. Therefore, the best ideas that are original and relevant will get you noticed and often that can come from a brainstorm of ideas from various creative minds coming together either working to support the in-house head of PR and marketing, or acting as the organisation’s sole PR department.  

 3. Six eyes are better than two – with the news moving at an incredible pace across multiple platforms, and all competing with the latest news stories, having a team of sharp eyes and ears constantly scanning the media is critical to ensure opportunities aren’t missed and when spotted they’re maximised.  

 4. Limiting your risk – that comes with the commitment of employing people directly and the associated costs. It also gives you greater flexibility over your business and budget, to scale up as your organisation grows or in line with your in-house PR’s needs.  

 5. Can be cost effective – because you’re getting a team of highly qualified, highly experienced people as an extension of your business for typically the same price as one.  

If you’d like to find out more about ways PR can benefit your business, then why not get in touch with the team at HeadOn PR.

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