Announcing new clinical trial into natural alternative to antibiotics

As the increasing resistance of bacterial infections to antibiotic treatment becomes a growing global health concern, we’ve had the honour to announce on behalf of organic wellbeing company, Pukka Herbs, a very important new clinical trial which could be a breakthrough towards finding a natural alternative to antibiotics.
The trial is the first clinical study of this kind in the western world and comes shortly after the NHS announced its five year antimicrobial resistance action plan. With our help, the trial was featured in The Daily Telegraph online and in print, Yahoo News , with radio interviews and widespread blanket coverage secured in major consumer lifestyle and alternative living titles.
A systematic review published by the University of Southampton and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine identified 33 relevant clinical studies on andrographis and surmised that the herb is beneficial and safe for relieving acute respiratory tract infections and shortening the duration of cold and flu symptoms.
In April 2019, University of Southampton PhD student, Martin Logue will next be working with an estimated 20 GP surgeries across the South of England to participate in a randomised placebo-controlled feasibility study looking at Pukka Herbs’ Andrographis supplements for adults with an acute cough, sore throat and sinusitis. The findings will then support the design of a larger trial and to understand if the use of this herbal medicine may lessen the prescription of antibiotics in UK GP surgeries.
True pioneers in organic wellbeing, Pukka also has research partnerships underway with five universities and hospitals, as part of its increased investment in human research to explore how herbs can provide solutions in some key clinical areas such as cancer, cognitive decline and anti-microbial resistance. One such study is the Cancer Biology Research Centre at the University of Tel Aviv. The safety and efficacy of Pukka’s Wholistic Turmeric capsules are being examined in a randomised, placebo-controlled clinical study of patients with a particular type of large bowel polyp that can become cancerous; people will take the supplement for six months after which the polyps and bowel health will be examined.
It’s been a real pleasure sharing this positive news with the public and we look forward to providing further updates in the future. 


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