Cordant Recruitment – launching & building the Cordant Recruitment brand

The Campaign

Cordant Recruitment is the second largest privately owned recruitment firm, backed by the £720 million Cordant Group. The Cordant Group was preparing for a restructure, to launch Cordant Recruitment and its 13 individual brands which each specialise in their own specific sectors including engineering & technical; medical; scientific; retail; sales & marketing, and contact centres.

Cordant needed a skilled PR team that could implement a multi-sector, multi-brand and multi- regional communications strategy that propelled the Cordant Recruitment brand nationally and regionally to stand out within a crowded marketplace as the number one recruiter across every market segment and niche sector.

The head of marketing for Cordant approached the MD of HeadOn PR having worked with her some years previous and impressed by her approach and results, and after a competitive pitch, appointed HeadOn PR on a retainer.
The HeadOn PR team devised a cross-sector media relations campaign based around the compelling strengths of each individual brand and their specific market ‘sweet spots,’ including raising the profiles of each of the 13 brands’ Managing Director.

The Results

  • 40 times Cordant Recruitment appeared in national papers or on national broadcast in just the first 24 months including:
    The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Mirror, City AM, The Daily Mail & The Daily Mail (Scotland edition), The Sun & The Sun (Ulster edition), Corby Radio, That’s TV, BBC Radio Northampton
  •  At least 10 pieces a month on average and some months this doubled.
  • In the first six month, HeadOn reached over 115 million of Cordant’s customers and stakeholders and in the first 2.5 years secured 275 pieces of coverage.
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