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To increase brand awareness and solidify your positioning, use a strong, fully integrated social media marketing strategy.

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Our team strengthens your brand and makes your content go further by combining it with Traditional PR and digital PR techniques. This increases your ROI across all platforms and campaigns.

Work with a highly experienced social media agency in Swindon

Unlike many social media agencies, at HeadOn PR, we see social media as a fundamental part of your comprehensive PR and marketing strategy, leveraging its potential to extend the reach of your content and keep the conversation going. We’ll grow your following, foster trust and rapport, and increase traffic to your website by posting relevant information and interacting with your audience.

Social media platforms we help with:

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Swindon Social Media Management & Strategy

HeadOn PR is available to handle all aspects of your social media activity, from planning and strategy to content generation, interaction, and management. Alternatively, you can select the aspects of our support that your company requires as stand-alone services.

Planning & Strategy

It’s essential to have a well-thought-out, long-term plan in place if you want to accomplish your social media objectives. We can advise you on when and where to post, developing a content calendar containing valuable and creative ideas that align with the rest of your digital marketing and PR activity for a more powerful, joined-up approach, and identifying and engaging influencers to elevate your brand.

Post Creation

With our in-depth knowledge in generating long-term brand awareness, we can create imaginative, on-brand multimedia assets to post on your social media platforms, capturing the attention of your audience and inspiring them to share your content further.

As well as supporting your SEO strategy and driving traffic to your website, we use a strategy which includes utilising tools that listen, identify and engage in the topics that interest your target audience, to ensure content creation can capture your customers’ attention and widen your reach.

Platform management

A high-quality social media strategy requires regular and consistent attention across all your social media platforms. In addition to ensuring the best posting times for maximum visibility and engagement, HeadOn PR will monitor your social media accounts and engage with your audiences on a daily basis to strengthen your relationships and make sure your brand is at the forefront of the important conversations that your customers care about the most.

Social media advertising campaigns

Many of our Swindon social media clients also incorporate advertising campaigns alongside their posts. These campaigns can range from boosting specific posts to implementing fully managed display or remarketing efforts. Our team of experts is qualified to help with these marketing initiatives because we have vast experience in Pay Per Click (PPC) social media marketing. This encompasses comprehensive reporting for ad campaigns across various social media platforms, complemented by other paid advertising avenues such as Google Ads and more traditional media advertising campaigns.

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